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Chikankari is a very delicate and intricate shadow work type of embroidery. Initially, the embroidery was done using white yarn, on colorless muslins known as tanzeb. However, today, georgette, chiffon, cotton and other fine fabrics are also being used.

The basic stitches in Chikankari embroidery are six in number and all except one are common to other forms of embroidery.

For Chikankari embroidery, In addition to the white base fabric, colored fabrics and threads are also used.

Now a days chikan embroidery is also done with coloured and silk threads in different colours to meet the recent fashion trends and keep chikankari trendy with fashion.

Chikankari embroidery stitches, it is combination of basic stitches and few stitches unique in itself and exclusively used in chikankari embroidery.